What people are saying about The Journal.

"I highly recommend The Journal to fundraising leaders who need to make the case for building a robust stewardship and donor relations shop at their organization. The organizational value of creating consistent practices to acknowledge, recognize, steward and engage donors is clearly articulated in each of the five articles."

-- Rose Dalba, National Director of Stewardship and
Donor Relations, American Heart Association,
Dallas, Texas
"What a pleasure it is to read the first issue of the Journal of Donor Relations & Stewardship! Well done! I am particularly impressed with the balance of theory, professional thoughts/ideas and practical application. The articles could easily be applied to all types of organizations; The Journal will certainly appeal to a broad audience."

-- Michal Shaw, Assistant Vice President of Compliance and Stewardship, Oklahoma State University Foundation,
Stillwater, Oklahoma
"With this first edition of the Journal of Donor Relations and Stewardship, editors Julia Emlen and Anne Manner-McLarty have gathered some of the industry’s top professionals to dive into a few of the most important topics for today’s practitioners. By doing so, they are adding volume to the growing number of voices now proudly proclaiming the field to be deserving of academic study, treatment and discussion."

-- Kay CoughlinStrategic Planner and Donor Experience Designer, Donor Relations Mindset, Columbus, Ohio
"Congratulations on producing the Journal of Donor Relations and Stewardship! You have certainly set the bar high on whatever follows in publications about our profession. Reading these articles makes me want to know more, to delve into even more specifics about our work." 
-- Anne Marie Halsey, Senior Associate Director for Internal Stewardship, Children’s National Medical Center,
Dickerson, Maryland
"The Journal is quite an undertaking--and a very worthy one! I like how the articles are tied together in the introduction and form a cohesive story. The Journal evolves from the components of donor relations and stewardship to the expansive review of the profession." 

-- Ashleigh Manktelow, Associate Director, Donor Relations, McGill University, 
Montréal, Québec
"For me the most evident, and valuable, thread running throughout all of the work here is its precision. The introduction promises to bring definition to the work of stewardship and donor relations, and every piece that follows delivers. Whenever I am asked to describe advancement work, I always describe it as a professional communications discipline. It is gratifying, therefore, to see the fundamental importance placed on writing in this journal."

-- John P. Fracasso, Vice President for College Advancement, Trinity College,
Hartford, Connecticut
"The Journal is a fascinating look at the fairly young profession of donor relations and stewardship. The article on professionalism makes you stop to think about a big topic we take for granted: the definition of a profession."
Philanthropy is evolving. The Journal overall makes compelling arguments that the time is now to elevate the donor relations function to a full-blown profession that is essential to the bottom line."

--Stephanie Mizer, Recruitment Manager,
Office of Advancement, Ohio State University, 
Colombus, Ohio
"Simply stated, all of the authors are brilliant. The depth of the material covered is top notch and each article builds upon points mentioned in the others. Reading The Journal makes me want to be a better writer. Overall, the Journal inspires personal responsibility for adding to the profession; I feel compelled to work to leave my shop better than I found it."

-- Paige Amick, Director of Donor Relations and Stewardship, North Carolina A&T, Greensboro, North Carolina