We are pleased to publish the fourth volume of the Journal of Donor Relations and Stewardship. The concept under consideration in this volume is communication. We began The Journal in 2016 with a volume on definitions and followed that in 2017 with a volume on measurement. In 2018, with Book 3: Structure, we stepped off from the first two volumes to consider how we build our work from our definitions and how we organize our work to be in a position to determine whether what we do is effective.

In contrast to the rules-based approach of stewardship, donor relations aims to promote the relationship between the philanthropist and the organization by delivering messages derived from the mission, strategic direction and fundraising priorities. Articles published in Book 4: Communication will address the experiences and strategies of those engaged in donor relations as they work to communication with and about donors. The volume also includes insight from marketing communications professionals who have experience with donor relations.


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Book 3: Structure is available on Amazon.com.